June 5-7, 2020 Ann Arbor

an intentional space for community-based learning on an (inter)national level.

Not your typical práctica turned practi-longa, La Práctica Nacional features unique práctica structures, tools, communication resources, and the guidance of professional Maestr@s to create a productive atmosphere of tango growth and discovery.

Discussion and exploration are encouraged, with teachers offering dancers individualized guidance when the inevitable questions arise.

LPN holds the Ronda holy. Creating an outer lane designated for dancing and integration only, reinforcing navigational skills and allowing the inner lanes to be used for break-down, experimentation, & communication.

LPN is a way to progress as dancers, indulge in our collective knowledge, & become more cohesive as a greater community, creating stronger relationships to ensure not only evolution in the dance, but compassion, care, & responsibility in the community.

LPN is excited to be born in Ann Arbor, MI and will be taking this event on the road (inter)nationally to create an alternative form of tango education and enjoyment rooted in the community.

The details:

• a role balanced 150 person event,
• $120 full pass only — no ala carte,
• 3 milongas, 2 grand practicas

• Venue: Campus Chapel

• Practicas include a light brunch and Milongas include snacks and drinks

Link to our Videos Page
guided by the Maestr@ team:

Rod & Jenny
Alberto & Micaela
Avik Basu

 • Communication resources provided 

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